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Seka card game. How to play Seka?

Today I we introduce you the most intresting card betting game - Seka . It is not as popular in the world as the poker or a black jack, but it's wort to learn it . Thea card game "Seka", also called a treynka, sika, three leaves,is a texas holdem poker game with more simple rules , but still fun to play !

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Features of Seka multiplayer

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  • RATE PLAYERS - Give your opinion after the game for your team-mate and opponents.
  • MULTIPLAYER - Join to the many Belot players online.
  • ACHIEVMENTS - Five levels of achivments. Many bonuses for each achievement.
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  • MORE .... - Just install the game and check yourself !

How to play Seka?

So, what is the meaning of this game and how to play in sec? Played a deck of 36 or 32 cards.

In the game take part from 2 to 10 people.

The goal of the game is to score the most points than other players.

The ace gives 11 points.

Jack, Queen, King and Ten give 10 points.

The remaining cards give points at their face value. The game involves a joker! Seca official rules

Seka card games as social game

  • Meet new people who love card games all over the word!
  • Use a free chat to talk with the Seka community.
  • Use a private chat to talk with friends.
  • Vote for the user after the game.
  • Customize your avatar or image gallery.